How It All Started started many years back as an idea, a thought of why there was never a dating site designed for the single community that had never been married. Started off from online experiences, our founders spent many years on other dating sites and left feeling empty or frustrated. Many times dating someone that had been divorced or with kids or a rebounded from a previous relationship, whatever the case was the relationship never mounted. The NeverMarried team came together and built a site just for the never married community, people like you!

Online dating statistics show 53% of people lie on their dating profile. That is a huge playing field number when it comes to an honest relationship. A reason why NeverMarried took flight, to leave behind the 53% and focus our site on the single, never married percentage. Over 54 million single people are currently in the US, 49 million of those use dating sites, now think about that 53% again! Just last year alone 17% of all marriages in the US were born on line. is a great way to begin an online dating relationship. In fact 22% surveyed said they met online, which is second to meeting through friends, which comes around 25%. Be one our newly success stories and try for FREE!!!!